the top10 team

Singing in key guaranteed
An organic team
100% coming from fair trade
Forecast almost always right
consumption of tea, coffee and sushi
For an exceptional tonicity

Mickaël Challet

Agency director - SEO Consultant
Distinctive signs : Almost unbeatable in FIFA | Fell in the SEO pot 15 years ago

Estelle Vandenbroucke

SEO project manager
Distinctive signs: GIRL POWER | Pamper every customer project in good spirits

Cécile Ducommun

Editorial department manager
Distinctive signs: loves (organic) green olives | The greatest terror of keyboards

Elodie Peillon

SEO Analyst
Distinctive signs: The queen of kitsch and laughter | SEO star in the making

Alexis Guiot

Web editor
Distinctive signs: Fan of Metallica but also of Céline Dion | Baudelaire better watch out!


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