The agency's SEO consultants assist you in the creation of a strategy adapted to the profile of the site needing referencing, based on the objectives to be achieved as well as the particularities of your sector of activity. 

Stack all the odds in your favour to boost your visibility thanks to the identification of the target audience, the set up of a coherent editorial line and the identification of keywords. To do so, a semantic analysis of the market will be done to help you be positioned on high potential queries

Thanks to reporting missions and performance analysis proposed by the TOP10 Stratégie agency, our experts specialised in SEO recommendations will orient you towards the actions to be monthly undertaken to push your site and give it the positioning it deserves.


Seo strategy

The identification of the target and its needs, the optimization of purchase process, the choice of URL and semantic markup are the points that'll be analysed to establish an efficient referencing strategy. TOP10 Stratégies's experts SEO make good use of their knowledge to create a mobile-friendly website, linked to consumers' habits. 


Thanks to an in-depth study of high potential keywords and locutions, our teams of editors will be able to offer a content adapted to your needs, in order to be positioned. Do not miss an occasion to reach your target thanks to the semantic analysis done by our SEO consultants.



Positioning,  organic visits, crawl rates, duplicate content, loading times, backlinks or conversion rates are just some of the performance indicators that will be studied and analyzed by our SEO consultants. Thanks to monthly reporting, adapt your SEO strategy ccording to your website's evolution to reach an optimal positioning on search engines.

Our consultants are attentive and guide you during your project to help you reach your SEO objectives.


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