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The aim of this service offered by the TOP10 Stratégie agency targets the improvement of popularity and visibility of your site, and, at the end, giving it a better positioning on search engines. The link building strategy consists in bringing better quality traffic on your platform in order to increase its authority. 

To do so, during the audit realized by our SEO consultants,  your site's backlinks, external links and their anchors will be carefully analysed in order to identify those that penalize your referencing, and on the contrary, those that push your site by giving it a maximum of "juice". 

Now, the agency's link building expertise does not stop there! Since its creation, TOP10 Stratégie has known to developed partnerships with blogs and thematic authority sites. The contextualization and publication of links on those platforms will thus be offered in the aim to gain visibility.



To gain in authority and visibility, your website needs to be pushed by strong backlinks with high potential which will transmit "referencing juice". In other terms, he links you have are intended to give you the benefit of their power. This is why identifying and removing negative backlinks is essential. 


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Spots offered by TOP10 Stratégie benefit from excellent authority, essential to push your site towards better positioning on search engines. Let yourself be guided by our SEO consultants: they orient you towards domains adapted to your site's profile. As for our web editors, they will handle the contextualization of your links within optimized content.


If the creation of qualitative and varied backlinks via authority partners is an excellent solution to boost your SEO, an efficient link building also brings you more visits. The consequences of increasing traffic on your website are multiple: increasing in conversions, improvement of turnover, competitive advantage, and many more!


An effective netlinking strategy is based on diversifying your links. To ensure this diversity, the agency collaborates with external platforms, youtubers and influential bloggers. Enjoy quality spots without risk!

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