To galvanize your website and make it an authority platform, our editors trained in SEO editorial techniques produce a large variety of on-site articles: news flash, landing pages, blog articles, etc. The content created by the TOP10 Stratégie agency is optimized for search engines but also for readers. Offering quality news on your website is the key to spark visitors' loyalty.


Furthermore, thanks to the semantic analysis done by our SEO consultants beforehand, the on-site articles are perfectly adapted to your needs and participate to the improvement of your online visibility. The same thing applies to product sheets. Written by our editors, they follow the ROI approach: in addition to take your SEO objectives into account, the content published on your e-commerce site really impacts consumers by taking their buying patterns into account.

Of course, TOP10 Stratégie's editorial expertise does not stop there: we also offer the production of contents dedicated to link building in order to contextualize your various links within optimized articles. Our editorial department handles all your off-site articles to boost your positioning on search engines.

on-site ARTICLES

True pillar of natural referencing, your website's content has to be pampered. Of course, the agency's experienced editors will offer the creation of on-site articles that are optimized for Google. But they go even further by imagining highly qualitative content, meeting your visitors' needs. Galvanize your platform, create customer loyalty and transform with TOP10 Stratégie's editorial expertise!


The writing of product sheets for referencing is in line with the ROI strategy. After an in-depth study of your products, needs and objectives of your platform, the agency's editors will be able to create efficient product sheets with high conversion potential. Thanks to quality content, respecting your positioning criteria and consumers' habits, stack all the odds in your favour to convert your visitors.

off-site ARTICLES

A performing link building strategy relies on the choice of spots but also on the link contextualization within attractive content. Thanks to their mastery of SEO editorial techniques, our editors create, for you, off-site articles that are enhanced and qualitative, always in the goal to improve your positioning on search engines.

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