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For a few years now, the work of SEO Analyst has become more demanding and, by consequent, the interventions implemented have become greater than before.

The TOP10 Stratégie team specialises in several areas of activity in order to offer their clients a good positioning, as well as excellent visibility. Benefit from SEO recommendations provided by experienced consultants, the agency's knowledge in terms of link building and on-site and its editorial expertise, all of that to reach your SEO objectives. 


With the TOP10 Stratégie SEO Agency, implement a tailored SEO strategy that is adapted to your sector of activity and your objectives. To improve your visibility on search engines, a semantic analysis will be done by our consultants. Stack all the odds in your favour to be positioned on queries with high potential! The experts of TOP 10 Stratégie also guarantee an optimal follow-up thanks to services of performance and reporting: discover the evolution of your website and benefit from a monthly plan of action in order to rapidly intervene and boost your visibility.


SEO advice


The interventions carried out on the On-site section aim to improve the health of your website, in order to ensure the positioning it deserves. Thanks to an in-depth study of the technical and editorial structure of your site, highlight dysfunctions that penalize your referencing on search engines.  The On-site services offered by Top 10 Stratégie are beneficial both to websites in difficulty and to newly created platforms, as well as to redesigns. Don't let a technical or editorial problem jeopardize your visibility. Also, entrust the analysis of your site to expert consultants.


ON-SITE expertise

eDITORIAL expertise

No matter your profile or the aims set in terms of referencing, the editorial department of the TOP 10 Stratégie agency create contents adapted to your needs, to help you gain in visibility. Benefit from On-site articles optimized for search engines but also for readers in order to boost your positioning and provoke the loyalty of your visitors

Trained on referencing and link building techniques, our editors contextualise your links within off-site qualitative contents. In a Return On Investment approach, they accompany you in the creation of attractive product sheets, in link to the needs of your e-commerce. 




Netlinking is inseparable from an effective SEO strategy. Also, to help you boost your positioning on search engines, the SEO consultants of TOP 10 Stratégie propose you to analyze your links, during an audit. This essential step allows you to identify the elements that penalize you, preventing you from achieving your objectives. 

Take advantage of the agency's partnerships, external platforms or influencers, to post your contextualized links on thematic authority sites, in order to gain visibility. TOP 10 Strategy supports you in the management of your link building budget. Limit the risks and optimize your positioning, thanks to the advice of our expert consultants. 

Expertise netlinking


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