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For over 10 years, Top10 Stratégie, the french SEO agency in Lyon, has been accompanying its clients of varied sectors with recommendations, optimisation and writing. Composed of two complementary poles (SEO and writing), our agency has known how to adapt to changes in the profession while keeping its home-made side and its closeness with clients. 

"...Optimal services as well as SEO recommendations…"


TOP10 Stratégie accompanies you all along your project, in order to help you reach your objectives in terms of referencing. The consultants of the agency will pay close attention to you and will be able to analyse your needs to offer you optimal services as well as SEO recommendations. Our natural referencing agency in Lyon establishes, for you and with you, a tailored strategy of referencing adapted to your project and to your objectives. Our services include an extensive semantic analysis to help you position yourself on the queries of your market.

The link building expertise is crucial to enjoy good positioning. During an audit and thanks to our consultants, take stock of links penalizing your referencing. Throughout its existence, TOP10 Stratégie has known how to create, privileged partnerships with powerful blogs.

Your links will be posted on thematic websites to optimize your visibility and affirm your authority. Make the most of the link building network of TOP10 Stratégie and obtain qualitative links towards influential bloggers and youtubers.

Thanks to our reporting missions, benefit from a monthly analysis and action plan.

Follow the SEO performance of your website: 

traffic volume.

Many indicators of performance will be the subject of an in-depth study in order to adapt the SEO strategy to your needs and plan necessary actions for a well-referenced site.

Top10 Stratégie’s missions also include the writing of contents optimised for the SEO but also for readers. A content of quality goes hand in hand with good referencing. Equally, our dedicated division will handle the writing of on-site articles: landing pages, news flash and blog articles will complete your platform and galvanize it. Trust our editors with the creation of product sheets for your e-commerce and  benefit from quality content that respects your positioning criteria and consumers’ needs. TOP10 Stratégie’s editors master referencing techniques and offer the production of qualitative contents to boost your link building.

Top 10 Stratégie l'équipe


Reactivity, rigour and involvement are the keywords of Mickael Challet, Estelle Vandenbroucke, Cécile Ducommun, Elodie Peillon and Alexis Guiot, who make up the TOP10 Stratégie agency. These young and dynamic SEO experts guarantee a close follow-up of the performance of the sites entrusted to them, by preserving proximity and customer satisfaction.

Top 10 Stratégie l'équipe


The team of our SEO agency specialise itself in many fields of work to offer their clients a good positioning and  excellent visibility. Benefit from SEO recommendations provided by experienced consultants, the knowledge of the agency in terms of link building and on-site as well as its editorial expertise, to reach your SEO objectives.

Top 10 Stratégie l'équipe


Large prestigious groups, reference sites and recognized national organizations have entrusted their referencing projects to the TOP 10 Strategy agency, proof of the quality of the proposed interventions. So, why don’t you offer similar services to your website or e-commerce and enjoy better visibility on search engines?

The slides of our conference at the SEO CAMP 2019 of Lyon. 



Are you looking for an SEO agency in Lyon to develop your website’s visibility? Do not hesitate to show us your project and we will contact you shortly with an action plan adapted to your needs.